NEWSFLASH:  THE CELL was the winner of the Finally a Bride contest, as well as a finalist in the Kiss of Death Daphne du Maurier Award, Hot Prospects, Cleveland Rocks, Fab Five, Southern Heat, Touch of Magic, and The Catherine contests!

NEWSFLASH:  REDEMPTION was the winner of the Cleveland Rocks contest, as well as a finalist in the Fab Five (2x), Hot Prospects, Gateway to the Best, and Romancing the Lakes contests! 

NEWSFLASH:  HAWAIIAN HEAT:  THE MARRIAGE TRAP was the winner of the Touch of Magic contest, as well as a finalist in the Melody of Love, Golden Gateway (2x), Gotcha, Winter Rose, The Catherine, Hot Prospects, and Golden Claddagh contests!

Welcome to my writing world. I’m so glad you found my website. I write because I like to tell stories, but what fun is that if I can’t share them? So, please, feel free to explore, read, and enjoy.

As you can see from my manuscripts, I like variety. My writing runs the gamut from dark, edgy thrillers to sassy, steamy contemps with a few spirits, FBI agents, and surrogate mothers thrown in the mix.

Despite this diversity, all my stories do have one similarity. At least part of each one takes place in San Diego County. Why? Because that’s where I live. I love it here, and I believe many of you would love it, too. So, I sneak in a little visit for you within each story. Of course, I also take you to London, Cancun, Maui, and several other exciting settings. But San Diego is definitely home for me and for many of my characters.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please use the Contact Me page. I’d love to hear from you.